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This day, basically Serbia and (for now) Montenegro are what stay of the republics that after constituted Yugoslavia. the previous state of the Serbs, Croats, and Slovenes, named Yugoslavia in 1929, has been a flashpoint of violence, terror, ethnic strife, and failed politics—and a reflect at the conflicts of the twentieth century. From the 1st Serbian rebellion opposed to the Turks in 1804 to the arrival trial and sure destiny of Slobodan Milosevic, Leslie Benson offers a transparent, concise advisor to the making and unmaking of a country, and what it capacity for a brand new century of nationalist conflicts.

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The main thing was that Serbia and the Yugoslav Committee had agreed a form of words for the founding of an independent South Slav state. Exactly what they might mean remained to be decided by the outcome of events beyond their control. The Declaration of Corfu was a diplomatic coup for Pasiç. He never budged from his refusal to give formal recognition to the Yugoslav Committee, yet he induced it to sign up to a union with Serbia, under a Serbian dynasty, without first specifying terms. His problem was to make the agreement stick with the Allied powers.

The divide between Christianity and Islam, in one sense so fundamental to the structure of Bosnian society, was not related in any simple way to social and political cleavages. A Muslim elite monopolized wealth and power, ruling over a servile Christian populace composed predominantly of Orthodox sharecropping peasants (the Austrian census of 1879 counted about half a million Orthodox believers: 448 000 Muslims, and just over 200 000 Catholics). But most Muslims were smallholding peasants, not big landowners, and shared the hardships of their Christian neighbours in lean years.

With Garasanin as his chief minister, Mihajlo began building up a modern bureaucracy and a professional army of some 90 000 men, initiating a new phase in Serbia’s struggle for independence. Secret bilateral agreements with the Romanians, the Bulgars and the Greeks were concluded, and, shortly before he was shot dead while taking a walk, Mihajlo secured the withdrawal of the last Turkish garrisons. Ottoman power was ebbing, and it was not long before rebellion broke out in Bosnia-Hercegovina. The divide between Christianity and Islam, in one sense so fundamental to the structure of Bosnian society, was not related in any simple way to social and political cleavages.

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