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By Linda Wagner-Martin

Linda Wagner-Martin has created a brand new form of biography of Zelda Sayre Fitzgerald: Zelda's tale from her standpoint, rather than her recognized husband's. this can be the 1st biography to inform her whole existence tale, describing what it intended to be born in 1900, after which to be a "New girl" in Montgomery, Alabama. that includes for the 1st time details from the newly on hand data at Princeton, Wagner-Martin vividly illustrates Zelda's psychiatric panorama. distinct discussions of the roots of alcoholism and infidelity are juxtaposed with the 1st complete opinions of Zelda's varied inventive accomplishments as a dancer, brief tale author, essayist and novelist. this is often an evocative portrayal of a skilled woman's specialist and emotional conflicts, a narrative with as a lot relevance this present day because it had part a century in the past.

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Zelda too had learned to sew, and the concept of making clothes (or, later, of making draperies for the houses she lived in) came easily to her. Zelda’s party dresses were one of the reasons she found herself set apart from her beginning year at Lanier High School. Always more comfortable with boys than girls because of the kinds of games and sports they were likely to play, Zelda used the notion of difference to separate herself still further from the girls who would have been her likely companions—she did, however, have good girlfriends.

Living in the East, Fitzgerald traveled between St. Paul and the coast by train, and saw himself as one of the cosmopolitan Midwesterners who would rise to prominence through Eastern connections. He fell in love with Ginevra King, the beautiful daughter of a wealthy Chicago family;6 and from the eventual end of that romance, developed his belief that rich girls did not marry poor boys. What seemed to be Scott’s customary fate—that he was tolerated instead of liked, and that his dream of attaining a “top girl” to love was doomed to fail—began in his adolescence, and continued through his military career, where he described himself as being the worst aide-de-camp in history.

Fitzgerald had found several of the women on Fowler’s list and was dating them that summer. But he found Zelda on his own. The Montgomery Advertiser’s reference to Zelda’s becoming another Pavlowa indicates the place of serious dance in the American imagination: as much as becoming a movie star, girls in the States tried to become dancers. In her own sense of herself and her talents, Zelda was confident that she too could become an important dancer, or actress, or movie star. Her skittish happy life as someone’s date was not only fun; it was a kind of subtle preparation for the life of fame to come.

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