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Similarly the mass includes all material including water. It is hoped + + that the question of bound and free ions may be resolved by replacing N a or K in the bathing fluid as has been done in physiological work. Any further interpretation of the results must await more data from studies now in progress. How does this technique help us with the question of the state and activity of water in various parts of the tissue? When the specimens are allowed to warm up to above — 100°C inside the scanning instrument still under high vacuum, all the water is lost and the sections dry.

A priori, a leaky junction will mitigate the blind nature of the channel; It will prevent the formation of a local concentration of the solute at this end by either allowing the backward diffusion of the solute down the concentration gradient or by allowing the passage of water to flush the solute away. In gall-bladder the permeability + of this junction to N a can be blocked reversibly by 2,4,6-triaminopyrimidine with no effect on the rate of fluid transport (Moreno, 1974). These experiments show that in gall+ bladder the leakiness of the junction to N a is not important in maintaining a fluid transport.

G . OSTER, 2nd edition, Volume 1A, pp. 157-275, Academic Press, New York. HALL, T. A. and GUPTA, B. L. (1974) Beam-induced loss of organic mass under electron-microprobe conditions. / . Microsc. 100, 177-188. HENDIL, K . B. and HOFFMAN, E. K . (1974) Cell volume regulation in Ehrlich ascites tumor cells. / . cell. Physiol. 84,115-126. HESLOP, J. P. (1975) Axonal flow and fast transport in nerves. Adv. comp. Biochem. Physiol. 6, 75-163. HODGKIN, A. L. and KEYNES, R. D . (1953) The mobility and diffusion coefficient of potassium in giant axons from Sepia.

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